Wheelchair Dancing is fun and engaging and can be done as either a leisure activity or as a competitive national and international sport.


Wheelchair dancing began in the UK in the late 60’s as part of a rehabilitation programme in Scotland. It grew in popularity and in the 1970’s the first Wheelchair Dance Association was set up and team dancing began to emerge. It now features duo-dance where two wheelchair users dance together and combi-style dance where each couple is made up of one wheelchair user and a standing dance partner.


The aim of wheelchair dancing is to give participants in the community who are disabled, able-bodied, wheelchair users, with walking aids, visually or hearing impaired, learning disabled or having multiple disabilities the opportunity to dance and move to music. Wheelchair Dancing is a social and therapeutic activity which is accessible to anyone, any age or ability so whether in a wheelchair or not, everyone can dance.


In 2016  Angela Watkins of Dance Innovation became a member of the Wheelchair Dance Sport Association UK (WDSA UK) and is now a qualified instructor.


Taster sessions for organisations and charities are available upon request.


For further information on wheelchair dancing please go to www.wdsauk.co.uk